Emojis and Hashtags? Your Call!

Postlyy lets you easily dial back the hashtags and emojiis to match your brands voice

Ever felt like your AI was more #Excited than a kid in a 🍬store with emojis and #hashtags?

Worry not!

Our latest update now hands the reins back to you.

Tweak your settings to match your brand's voice - go full-on emoji or keep it classic with text only. The control is yours, ensuring your message hits the right note without the extra noise.

Get the Vibe Right

  • Want to keep it professional? Disable emojis for a clean, formal approach.

  • Looking to engage a younger audience? Sprinkle in those hashtags and watch the conversation grow.

Embrace Flexibility: Our tool's new feature respects the diversity of your audience and the uniqueness of your message. It’s all about crafting the vibe you want, one post at a time.